Computer and Communication Sciences

  • Advanced Computing and Microelectronics Unit (ACMU), Kolkata
  • Computer Science Unit (CSU), Chennai
  • Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Unit (CVPRU), Kolkata
  • Cryptology and Security Research Unit (CSRU), R. C. Bose Centre for Cryptology and Security, Kolkata
  • Documentation Research and Training Center (DRTC), Bengaluru
  • Electronics and Communication Sciences Unit (ECSU), Kolkata
  • Machine Intelligence Unit (MIU), Kolkata
  • System Sciences and Informatics Unit (SSIU), Bengaluru

The Computer and Communication Sciences Division is currently inviting applications from interested candidates with PhD degrees for the post of Assistant Professor and higher levels with excellent experience in the area of Computer Science as well as Library and Information Sciences.

For details please visit: Faculty Recruitment Advertisement 2022.pdf

Preferred areas of expertise, but not limited to, are:

Library and Information Sciences, Computer Networks, Database Management Systems, Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Computer Organization, and Machine Learning


The research activities of the division primarily include: high performance computing, electronic design automation, mobile computing, algorithms, computational geometry, pattern analysis and recognition, machine learning, deep learning, brain modeling, computer vision, satellite image analysis, document analysis, handwriting recognition, natural language processing, information retrieval, quantum computing, cryptology and security, bioinformatics and computational biology, and medical image processing.

In addition to the above areas, the division has also been working on some frontier areas such as library automation, knowledge organization, management & classification, and bibliometrics and hypertext & multimedia applications.  






Professor Rajat K. De
Computer and Communication Sciences Division
Indian Statistical Institute, 
203 Barrackpore Trunk Road,
Kolkata 700108,

Email: pnc_ccsd[at]isical[dot]ac[dot]in

Phone/Fax: 033 2575 3105